Cabinet Refinishing in Spring

At N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC, cabinetry is our specialty, and with many accumulated years on the job and a solid team of skilled laborers, we’re confident we’re the company for your next project!

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is an important aspect of brightening up your kitchen and adding value to your home. Our Spring customers agree, the difference is noticeable! N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC gets it done right the first time, freshening your cabinets up to look just like new—or better!

Why stick with those dingy old cabinets that came with the house, when you can choose your own stain that matches other updates you’ve made? If your cabinetry is falling into disrepair, don’t wait until you need to replace, but refinish instead. You’ll be shocked at the results!

Resurfacing, Refacing, Refinishing, Replacing

Deciding on what to do with cabinets that don’t live up to your standards can be difficult. With all the options for repair, what do you go with? At N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC, we pride ourselves on our honest approach when advising future customers. Helping you decide on the most affordable and long-lasting option is our top priority!

Resurfacing, refacing and refinishing are all more affordable than replacing cabinets entirely, but which of these will benefit you most?


Resurfacing is kitchen cabinet door replacement. The boxes will remain, but the doors will be entirely new and, in the process, you can add molding and other decorative hardware.


Refacing can in fact apply to resurfacing in that visible surfaces are getting a “facelift”, however it involves the process of covering exposed frames with a thin veneer of real wood or plastic laminate rather than taking the doors off entirely.


A simpler option, refinishing works with the cabinets you already have and just makes them beautiful again. In this process of sanding and blemish filling, you can choose a stain that matches the old one or apply a totally new color!

If you’re set on a complete turnaround for cabinet appearance, resurfacing and refacing are the best to pursue. However, if like most, your cabinets just aren’t looking as great as they used to and you want to freshen them up, refinishing is the affordable and recommended approach.

Refinishing vs. Replacing

So what really is the big difference between refinishing, or replacing?

Well, when you replace cabinets, you’re more likely to be freshening up the insides as well. Changing shelving, adding specialized storage—you won’t be doing this with refinishing.

But if you don’t need to do something that major, refinishing will save you up to 50% of costs!

So why spend the extra money if you’re just looking to brighten up a room a little more? Spring homes are guaranteed to benefit from either reno.

Get That Facelift

Add a splash of color to your kitchen, or just brighten up that existing wood stain. Refinishing kitchen cabinets is a project we love to do—and seeing the look on the faces of satisfied customers makes it just that much better.

Rely on N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC to complete a pristine job, in the smallest amount of time. Call today!