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Patio Cover Construction in Houston TX

Patio Covers in Houston

Spending time outside is a popular past time in a warm city like Houston. Many families consider the yard to be an extension of the social space inside the home, and have pools, gardens, and decks outside for family use, social gatherings and entertainment. A comfortable outdoor space allows for much larger groups of people to congregate. Covering the patio shelters you and your furniture from rain and heat, UV rays and insects. Patio covers aren’t all the same; you could choose a screen, or build a pergola. How you choose to cover the outdoor living space depends on your personal needs, style and budget.


A pergola is a structure that creates a shaded area or passage using posts. These have a variety of different finishes and looks. They are similar in appearance to gazebos, except they do not have an enclosed roof. They can be built against the house as an extension of the walls, or stand alone to create an open terrace.


A lattice structure is more rectangular than a pergola, so this option requires a strong wood like cedar or teak. You can add a fabric overlay on the structure if you want more shading.

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We have more than 20 years of experience in designing of outdoor spaces of Houston, and a well-trained staff. We specialize in patio remodeling, so give us a call and find out about the best and most popular styles that work best for you, your home and your budget.