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Enclosures for Your Backyard Pool

If you have a backyard pool in the Houston, Spring, The Woodlands and other area, then you should definitely consider installing a pool screen enclosure. Screen enclosures are increasingly popular throughout Texas and it's easy to see why – they offer a huge number of benefits to homeowners. It's a great way to enjoy a peaceful outdoor area in a bug-free environment. A screen pool enclosure increases the value of your home considerably, even if you aren't thinking of selling. If you want to talk about pool screen enclosures, then you need to give N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC a call at (281) 397-8703 ! We specialize in complete custom designed home additions that we build from the ground up. We strive to ensure that every addition we build is elegantly designed to complement and match the existing structure, and after 24 years in the business we have the expertise to get the job done right. All of the services, products, and custom innovations we offer are designed to exceed your expectations. We provide a vast array of products, including add-ons decor options to make your decisions easy, produce a high-quality and affordable result.

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What are the benefits of pool screen enclosures?

Pool screen enclosures, Swimming Pool Enclosures, Enclosures, Screen Enclosures, Screen Porches, Screen Wall Systems, Pool Cages or Lanais can offer a huge number of benefits to Houston, Spring and The Woodlands homeowners. Here are just a few:

  • They give you an insect-free environment. If you're like us, you hate being irritated by bugs while you're trying to enjoy the outdoors. Enclosing your Swimming Pool area with a screen means that you never have to worry about poolside mosquito bites or insects ever again. You also save money on chemicals, maintenance, and pool equipment, reduce harmful UV rays, and keep out leaves and debris and as a bonus, it means you can remove the screens from patio doors or windows that open into the enclosed area.
  • They make pool maintenance easier. Completely enclosing your pool area means that you are eliminating the possibility of leaves and other airborne debris finding their way into your pool, making it look dirty and clogging the filter. It turns pool cleaning from being a hated regular chore into an infrequent necessity.
  • They count as a fence for pool safety. An enclosed pool area means you don't have to worry about the danger of neighborhood kids or pets finding their way into your pool and you still get to enjoy the outdoor view.

Our Pool Enclosures: Better Comfort

Your time in or beside the pool should be as comfortable as it can be. You should be able to relax under the sun without having to worry about flies and mosquitoes. You should be able to get shade when you want and a suntan whenever you wish. This sort of comfort and enjoyment is more than possible when you have us install your pool enclosure.

Look to us when you want a pool enclosure that promises comfort through the long Texan summers. From the roof coverings to the beams and everything in between, we make sure your enclosure is functional, practical, and customized for your comfort. Do you want an A-frame, Gable-style enclosure? The choice is yours when you work with us.


Added Security, Added Safety

The sun’s UV rays can do a lot of damage to our skin in a short afternoon. Rather than risk getting a bad sunburn that will linger all week long, why not play it safe under the shade of a wonderful pool enclosure?

UV protection is just one of the great benefits of these enclosures. The enclosed space created by these structures also ensures that small children and pets do not wander away from the pool. You’ll be able to get a little extra peace of mind while the family plays by the pool.

Wind and weather protection is just another of the many safety and security benefits of these structures. The fortified rail beams of these enclosures will surely withstand whatever high winds come your way. What’s more, they will protect the pool toys and patio furniture from the winds, as well. Boost safety and security with the help of our pool enclosure contractors.

Add Value to Your Home

Pool enclosures are great for the whole family, but a durable enclosure made with quality materials can give you more than enjoyment in the immediate future. A well-built enclosure can even add value to your home. Potential buyers will be sure to notice the wonderful structure that encloses your well-maintained pool.

Houston, Spring & The Woodlands Screen Enclosure Experts

If you want to start enjoying your property to the fullest, then you need a custom-designed and built pool screen enclosure from N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC. Call us today for more information or to schedule an in-home free appointment at 281-397-8703



If you are looking to expand your outdoor living space for you, your family, your pets, to entertain your friends, to exercise or to simply protect your plants, or other personal property. A Swimming Pool Enclosure is exactly what you need to capture the splendor and peacefulness of the outdoors without mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. Keep comfortable, enjoying your cozy shelter in a natural environment but without the outdoor annoyances throughout the year, save money on chemicals, maintenance and on pool equipment. Screen also reduces harmful U.V. rays, the pool area will look beautiful without leaves and other unwanted debris.

N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC Pool Screen Enclosures are custom designed, built attached or free-standing which are available in a variety styles, shapes and sizes. Swimming pool enclosures are typically built using aluminum, screen, glass, kick panel, polycarbonate systems, 3” insulated panels but an immense diversity of other materials can be integrated or used in combination to deliver a custom finished product which will complement the architectural look of any home or building and sure to please each home owner individual need, liking or budget.

With more than 24 years of experience N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC has proudly and meticulously elaborated stunning energy-efficient Covered Pool Enclosures, Covered Swimming Pool Enclosures, Sunrooms, Hot Tubs Enclosures, Spa Enclosures, Greenhouses, Conservatories, Deck Enclosures, Patio Enclosures, Pool Enclosures, Screen Enclosures and so much more.

Our Pool Screen Enclosures are made from high quality structural aluminum which retain the original color, gloss, texture for years to come and are virtually maintenance free, crafted to never rust, warp, crack, rot, or becoming infested with insects.

Here is why you need pool screen enclosure, swimming pool enclosure, enclosure, screen enclosure, lanais, screen porch or screened protected areas in your home or place of business!

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Pool enclosures are a great way to elevate the everyday enjoyment of your backyard swimming pool. They keep the insects away, making for easier pool cleaning sessions and protecting the surrounding areas from the elements. They’ll add value to your home while making the outdoors a little more enjoyable. We will make sure you get the results you deserve. All you have to do? Call (281) 397-8703 at your convenience.