Patio Covers

Patios can take a lot of punishment. They stand up to foot traffic, grease from food, and any and all types of temperature and weather. But like everything, given enough time and wear and tear, patios will need to be repaired.

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Types of repairs N and V Patio and Remodeling, LLC. performs for the people and patios of Houston

Cracks: Cracks happen to asphalt or concrete fairly frequently. This is because these two substances are very hard and do not have much give. When under pressure the tension has nowhere to go, resulting in cracks. N and V Patio and Remodeling, LLC. can fill in these unsightly cracks in your patio and make your patio strong again.

Leveling: if you have a paver (thick stone tiles or blocks) patio then over time they often become uneven. Often referred to as dips or bulges in your paver patio, these happen for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is that the patio was not properly built in the first place and the foundation of the patio is weak. Another possibility is root growth, where the roots of a tree have moved the soil underneath causing elevation in some parts and dips in others. Last but not least, the general wear could have shifted the leveling sand underneath the paver and caused the stones to move up or down.

Broken paver stones: Sometimes, because of wear and tear or perhaps because something heavy was dropped on it, paver stones can break. Luckily, due to the way paver patios are constructed, the individual paver can usually be replaced without having to remove the stones around it. If you do have a broken paver stone then it is recommended that you get it fixed as soon as possible. The reason for this is that water can now easily access the underneath of your patio and that could lead to extensive damage and expensive repairs.

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