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Bathroom Remodeling

We provide reasonable rates, courteous and professional service and innovative experience to see problems before they occur. We ensure that the work is up to code and proceeds smoothly, so you can rest easy knowing that the project is going to be done right, the first time. We are an innovative renovator dedicated to planning out the renovation you want to have. We will gladly work with you and provide you with a variety of ideas to make all the different design concept you have come together to form your ideal space. Houston | Spring | Kingwood

Decks and Patios

You may not realize it but a deck can do a lot for your Houston home. Besides looking great they increase the usable living space of your property. Think about it this way; when you have a party or go to one, where do guests often congregate? Most of the time it seems like everyone tries to pile into the kitchen because that is where the food is and it is a central place in the home. However, if you have a deck then you can easily get people out of your kitchen as they enjoy mingling outside in comfort. You can also have a grill area or bar installed in your deck to entice your guests even more. Houston | Spring | Kingwood


In business since 1992, N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC has provided a tried and trusted custom design and home addition service to Houston and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. This combination of experience and expertise is matched by our client-centered approach to customer service that is both dedicated and professional. So, if you are looking to add a new sunroom to your Houston home and have yet to make a final call, then we really think that you should consider the high-quality service we offer very closely. Houston | The Woodlands

Home Additions

Your home may be beautiful and comfortable but is it big enough? Are you expecting a new addition to the family? Do you have a home office where you can get work done in peace and quiet? Have you enough room for guests or relative that come to visit you? Do you love reading and have always wanted a room in your home you could refer to as the library or the study? If any of these ideas appeal to you then N and V Patio and Remodeling, LLC. is here to make it happen. Houston | Spring | Kingwood


Are you looking at this website from your home? If so, then please do us a favor. Look around you. Are you happy with the look of your home? Does your bathroom give you a sense of peace when you take a shower? Is your kitchen set up so it is both functional and beautiful? Is your basement a place where you and your friends and family can comfortably spend time? Do you have a porch or deck to whittle away the hot summer days? Is your Houston home large enough for your needs? If any of these questions strike a chord, and you live in the greater Houston area, then N and V Patio and Remodeling, LLC. is here to help. Houston | Spring | Kingwood

Patio Enclosures

In Houston, we know that four seasons in one day is much more than a possibility. Given the humid and hot weather that we often get here, it is no surprise that we are also often greeted with thunderstorms and intense rain showers. When this happens it can often feel like your home’s patio is no longer very much in use as nobody wants to get wet, right? Well, while this is true, the fact of the matter is that with a patio enclosure from us at N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC, you can get full use of your patio all year round. Houston

Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling a kitchen can be a daunting task, especially in the planning stages. Besides the general color scheme you also need to think of materials from floor to ceiling. Are you going for a modern minimalist style with its angular, clean and sleek look or more of a country kitchen feel surrounding yourself with fine wood cabinets and floors with little cubbyholes for every item? Are you looking for some fine stone counter tops to bring a smooth polished feel into the space or an ornate tiled backsplash to bring color and vibrance into the room? Houston | Spring | Kingwood

New Concrete Installation

Stamped or patterned concrete is textured to resemble brick, flagstone, wood, slate or tile used for patios, sidewalks, and driveways and more. When our technicians work on a project we make sure to show all the possible options to our customers. Concrete is just a medium like any other material. It can be colored, shaped and textured in hundreds of different variations. The next time you are thinking of redecorating your interior or exterior and want a material which will last and is easy to maintain then think of. Houston | Spring | Kingwood


What is masonry? This is a straight forward question but the answer has a long history behind it. The shortest answer is that masonry is the profession of working with stone, mortar or concrete in construction. Stonemasonry and masonry are pretty much the same thing but masonry uses mortar where technically stonemasonry does not have to. But nowadays the words are pretty well interchangeable. Masonry, or stone craft, is one of the oldest forms of construction and has created the most historically significant structures on the planet. Stonehenge, the statues of Easter Island, the Parthenon in Athens and the great pyramids and sphinx of Egypt are all examples of masonry. Houston | Spring | Kingwood


N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLChas long been a recognized supplier in the exterior home improvement market in Spring. Whether you require a simple roof repair, a maintenance checkup, or a complete system replacement, we can provide expert and professional service. At N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC, we understand that upgrading or restoring the siding of your home is not only a practical way to safeguard your residence, but also a significant financial investment as well. Houston | Spring | Kingwood

Drywall Contractor

Since the 1950s, drywall has been one of the most commonly used construction materials in America because it is inexpensive, stable, and easier to work with than traditional plaster. Over time, drywall tends to form cracks that ruin the aesthetic appeal of your home. Bring in the drywall repair experts to restore your home to its former glory. Is your drywall contaminated with mold or mildew? If so, you need to act quickly. Mold and mildew are not only unsightly, but they can pose a serious health risk to you and your family. Houston | Spring | Kingwood

Stucco Repair

Your stucco walls have been providing your home with a beautiful protective exterior surface for many years, but when the time has come that they need repair, make sure that you are dealing with N and V Patio and Remodeling, LLC., Houston Houston | Spring | Kingwood

Plaster Stucco

Stucco is a building material that has been in use continuously for thousands of years. Surviving stucco walls constructed in ancient Egypt and Rome still retain their strength and beauty today. Your home can become a part of this rich tradition when you hire to complete the siding on your new construction. Traditional stucco is a durable and weather-resistant siding that has long been valued for its use as a practical building material, but also offers a visually attractive alternative to other siding options. Available in a variety of finishes and colors, we can create a style that will express your individual taste or blend in with other homes in any neighborhood. Houston | Spring | Kingwood


When you want a new walkway, patio, terrace, or other hardscaping project, call N and V Patio and Remodeling, LLC. to design and install your new hardscape project. We specialize in all forms of hardscaping from simple garden steps to complex patio layouts. Whether you want brick, tile, natural stone, or basic pavers, we will talk with you to understand your vision then design and build the project to your exact specifications. Over the years, we have garnished a reputation as one of the foremost hardscaping experts in Spring. Houston | Spring | Kingwood

Wooden Deck Construction

Serving as an extension to any home or business property, a well-constructed deck is often the foundation for entertaining family and friends that also provides a refreshing outdoor refuge from a hectic world. Houston | Spring | Kingwood

Wooden Deck Repair

Decks can develop a range of problems after a number of years of regular use. Wood boards crack and rot; handrails and staircases loosen and become hazardous. Protect your family and clientele and preserve your outdoor environment with informed appraisals and deck repair services from. Houston | Spring | Kingwood

Wooden Deck Cleaning, Staining and Sealing

Restore the original freshness and beauty of a deck. offers professional power washing to remove dirt, mold, and mildew. Top notch sealing and finishing services protect and enhance decks, outdoor structures and other accessories. Houston | Spring | Kingwood

Patio Repair and Restoration

Patios can take a lot of punishment. They stand up to foot traffic, grease from food, and any and all types of temperature and weather. But like everything, given enough time and wear and tear, patios will need to be repaired. Houston | Spring | Kingwood

Patio Construction

There is nothing like the beauty of nature; admiring the first signs of spring, taking in the fresh air, and watching the sunset over . But, if you don't have an outdoor living space where you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors, such splendors can go unnoticed. Why not extend your living area to the exterior of your property? We at can help! Our team of skilled craftsmen has provided unique, custom patios to the people of for many years. If you are in or the surrounding areas and desire an inviting, outdoor patio where you can reflect on the beauty of nature, host barbeques, or relax poolside, please do not hesitate to contact today for a free estimate. Houston | Spring | Kingwood

Concrete Sealing

As a leading provider of patio, and walkway installation in and the surrounding areas, we at cannot stress enough how important it is to get your hardscape sealed. In doing so, you are not only protecting your investment, but you are also enhancing your patio's beautiful surface. If your concrete surface is in need of a sealing or if you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Houston | Spring | Kingwood

Home Remodeling

Whether you are looking to update your bathroom or completely transform your kitchen, it is important that you team up with the right remodeling company. No matter how simple your home improvement project may be, it always pays to go with experience. Partnering with experienced remodeling contractors ensures that the job will be completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards. At N and V Patio, Construction, & Remodeling, our goal is to do precisely that! As a leading remodeling company in Houston, we can transform the look and feel of any room in your home. Houston

Residential Roofing

Your roof is constantly exposed to elements that degrade its strength and appearance. Worn or missing shingles, mold or moss growth, and loose or hanging gutters are just some signs that your roof is in need of repairs. Unfortunately, many people have difficultly judging the condition of their roofs and don’t realize there’s a problem until their ceiling begins to leak. The best way to avoid an issue like that is by bringing in a professional roofing company at least once a year to perform a roof inspection. An experienced roofer can catch minor problems and prevent from becoming major issues, saving you from having to deal with extensive repairs or a complete roof replacement. Houston

Residential Roofing Services

Have you ever tried fixing a loose shingle on your roof, or wanted to clear leaves out of the gutter? If so, then you know just how strenuous roofing work can be! There is a lot of physical exertion involved; from heavy lifting to climbing, bending, crouching and kneeling. N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC is an experienced and proficient residential roofing company. We are specialized in replacing and installing sturdy, safe and aesthetically appealing roofs, and have been devotedly serving the Houston community for the past 20 years. Houston

Screened Enclosure Construction

Homeowners who often spend more time outside than they do inside might like the idea of installing screen enclosures on their property. N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling LLC, specializes in offering Houston residences with quality and dependable enclosures for patios and decks. Now you can enjoy the exterior of your home without worrying about glaring sunlight and swarming insects. Houston

Swimming Pool Screen Enclosure Construction

Taking a dip in the pool is a great way to cool off and relax on a hot Houston summer’s day, but that sense of peace can easily be interrupted by swarming bugs and the unyielding burn of the sun. Rather than be forced to return inside, erect a screen enclosure around your pool and protect your peace of mind. The experienced pros of N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling LLC, offer top quality swimming pool screen enclosures designed to stand up to the test of time and the unforgiving summer conditions of Texas. Houston

Summer Kitchen Construction

If you enjoy having friends and family over during the summer but like to do more than just grill, you may love the idea of having a summer kitchen added on to the exterior of your property. N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling LLC, can create a cooking space that’s fully functional, aesthetically pleasing and makes for a great place to entertain guests. Houston

Deck Builders

Decks adds elegance to your home and are one of the most popular home improvements. An outdoor deck constructed of quality materials that is built to last for many years can improve the look of your home and increase its value. We can help you with your deck design; we can build decks in nearly any size and shape, and add rails, benches and stairs. We can find the perfect design for any budget. Houston

Patio Covers

Spending time outside is a popular past time in a warm city like Houston. Many families consider the yard to be an extension of the social space inside the home, and have pools, gardens, and decks outside for family use, social gatherings and entertainment. A comfortable outdoor space allows for much larger groups of people to congregate. Covering the patio shelters you and your furniture from rain and heat, UV rays and insects. Patio covers aren’t all the same; you could choose a screen, or build a pergola. How you choose to cover the outdoor living space depends on your personal needs, style and budget. Houston

Aluminum Patio Covers

Not sure you like the area out back? Looking to update the patio, but not sure how to do it? At N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC, we have the solution. Aluminum patios add a lot in terms of aesthetic appeal, while improving other aspects of the area as well. For over 22 years, we have brought clients the customized designs they need for their patios. Our professionalism and commitment to quality customer service offers you a great experience every time we do business together. With our profound attention to the details of your project, you won’t be disappointed. Houston

Aluminum Awning Construction

Not only do awnings in Houston provide protection against sunlight, they add aesthetic appeal and style. At N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC, we are experts when it comes to aluminum awnings.We only believe in providing our clients with the best products and the best craftsmanship, and that is something you can count on. Whether you are looking for an awning to cover the patio or be installed above your windows, our attention to detail simply can’t be beat. Houston

Aluminum Lattice Patio Cover Construction

Your home should be an oasis away from the world. Your office should have a relaxing area where you can take a break during a stressful day. With an aluminum lattice patio cover in Houston, you can make both spaces as they should be. At N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC, we have been helping both residents and business owners for over 22 years, customizing patio cover designs for the most efficient, beautiful and relaxing outdoor spaces. Houston

Aluminum Wood Patio Construction

Patios can take a beating. Whether it's weather, foot traffic, or food, your patio can get dirty and worn down quickly and often. There will come a time when your patio needs to be repaired. You can delay that process by installing a durable patio cover constructed from aluminum wood. N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling can make your patio more protected and beautiful than ever. Houston

Alumawood Patio Cover Construction

Have you ever wanted your outdoor space to be more inviting and functional? An Alumawood patio cover in Houston can accomplish that for you. N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling has specialized in building custom outdoor additions for 22 years. You can get a completely custom patio cover designed and built specifically for your home. Houston

Insulated Aluminum Patio Cover Construction

Houston can have unbearable weather sometimes. From the crazy heat to heavy rain, it can be discouraging to be outdoors. Your patio may not be getting as much use as you wanted. What if you could utilize your property to its full potential? Insulated aluminum patio covers can bring the value and practical use out of your outdoor space. Learn how a patio cover from N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling can benefit you. Houston

Insulated Aluminum Patios

A covered patio offers aesthetic appeal, protection from the weather and an outdoor space that is easy to maintain. At N and V patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC, we recommend insulated aluminum patios. Our craftsmen have the knowledge and experience you expect to create a custom design for your space, and will install it with accuracy and efficiency. For over 22 years, we have made sure both residential and commercial customers in Houston have been satisfied with their patio construction, and we are committed to doing that for many years to come. Houston

Pergola Construction

A pergola is a unique feature for any home or office. At N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC, we take design to a whole new level. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we pay special attention to detail, no matter what you are asking for. Our quality products and experienced craftsmen allow us to give our clients the most beautiful pergolas in Houston. Houston

Pergola Design

At N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC, we take your pergola designs personally. We understand your desire to have a unique outdoor space in Houston, whether it is for your home or office. From the ground up, we’ll customize a design that you can be proud to show off and where you can relax when you need a break. Our designs take into consideration the structure, design and colors of your home or office to ensure they complement each other perfectly. Houston

Pergola Covers

Living in the Houston area gives residents the benefit of milder weather, but homeowners also get more sun exposure than average. When you’re trying to create a relaxing outdoor patio space, you want to be able to sit outside comfortably without being blinded by the sun. That’s where N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC can help. We can design and build custom pergola covers to help keep your outdoor entertaining space shady and comfortable for all of your guests. During coffee at the earliest hours of the morning, cookouts in the middle of the day or late afternoon naps outside on your patio space, you can simply enjoy yourself under the shelter of a patio cover. Houston

Pergola Patio Covers

Spending moments outside on your front or back porch can be one of the most relaxing times of a busy day. You can make this quiet time even more enjoyable in your Houston home by choosing a pergola patio cover to add cooling shade over the top of your patio space. Not only do you get cooling protection from the harsher elements, such as the powerful sun or pouring rain, but you also get a dramatic new look for your outdoor entertaining area. The next time you have a cookout or garden party, your friends and family members won’t be able to take their eyes off of your gorgeous new patio cover. Our team of designers and builders at N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC can build an affordable and visually stunning pergola that’s perfect for your needs. Houston

Pergola Canopy Construction

As the nice weather returns to our area, homeowners want to maximize their enjoyment of outdoor spaces. This can be difficult in the Houston area with the uncomfortable heat or the blinding effects of the summer sun. With seasonal rain showers, it can also be frustrating to go outside and find yourself with soggy seats and soaked tables. One way to combat the elements of our area and to keep your outdoor space sheltered from the unpredictable weather here is to choose a pergola canopy to cover your outside seating area. Our staff at N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling can direct you to beautiful styles to give you that added protection for those times when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Houston

Outdoor Additions

Many Houston homeowners are familiar with the difficult decision of moving or renovating their home. It is often the case that families love their home but simply grow out of it. Moving, selling, and renovating a completely new home can be a costly and inconvenient affair. At N and V Patio and Remodeling, LLC, we offer a solution to this problem by offering our outdoor home addition construction services. Houston

Walkway and Canopy Covers

A patio is the perfect spot and ideal place to sit back and relax after a tough day of work. It's the social hub of your home, a space where you can lounge and chat with neighbors, friends and family. If ever you pass by a residential street, you'll notice how many Houston residents spend their nights lounging on their deck, entertaining guests or just quietly reading a book. Porches combine the comforts of your home with aspects of the great outdoors What more can you ask for? Houston

Shade Structures

Whether you are new to Houston or have spent your entire life in the area, you no doubt know that there are few things worse than getting caught in the mid-day sun without the proper protection. Not only is it just uncomfortable to get pounded by the sun’s rays, there are also plenty of health concerns you need to consider. Rather than suffer through the sun’s heat any longer, why not get a shade structure installed in your home or commercial space today?


Pool Enclosures

Experience new levels of pool enjoyment with a beautiful, custom-designed pool enclosure by the experts at N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC! Among our many specialties is the construction and installation of pool cages and pool screen enclosures, personalized to each pool and home.


Pool Cages

If you are in search of a custom enclosure for your family pool, we invite you to contact N and V Patio, Construction & Remodeling, LLC. With over 20 years of experience in designing and installing custom pool cages, we are the team for you. Schedule your consultation by calling (281) 397-8703 today.


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